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GRENex is solving the pain points seen by America’s hemp growers. By connecting the industry through one ecosystem, we’re able to put the profit back in your hands. Sign up today join our revolutionary network.

Like a field of crops, GRENex is the root system that brings each stage of the process together.

1. Should You Grow?

Hemp is a resilient cash crop with thousands of practical uses. But growing profitably is dependent on numerous factors. Talk to us to see if growing hemp is right for you!

2. Obtaining a License

Before you start growing, you’ll need to obtain a license from your State. The process is simple, and a GRENex representative will be happy to walk you through it.

3. Planning the Season

You need to be strategic about your milestones throughout the process and set predetermined dates for planting, harvesting, drying, etc. Our master calendar to make the process simple!

4. Planting The Seeds

A GRENex partner will come out to your farm to handle planting. We’re currently offering two strains genetisized for Southern soil and climate: Stormy Daniels & Sweet Tea.

5. Growing Your Hemp

Since our seeds are tailored for Southern soil, the grow process will be much easier. You’ll also have access to a specialized GRENex grow consultant to make sure everything goes to plan.

6. Testing Your Crops

Legal hemp needs to be tested periodically throughout the growth cycle to ensure that it remains below the 0.3% Delta-9 THC threshold… and we’re here to help with that.

7. Harvesting Your Hemp

After ~120 days in ground, it’ll be time to take your crop our of the soil and move it on to making you money. And guess what? GRENex handles the harvesting process too!

8. High-Quality Drying

Our GRENex partner uses precision machinery to ensure consistent drying and milling that is optimized for extraction.

9. Your Hemp Extraction

Our partners use an Ethanol Extraction method that guarantees 5-10% more yields from your biomass. They also offer flexible pricing options to match your financial situation.

10.Selling The Oil

Once your hemp has been extracted into Winterized Oil, the GRENex platform will faciliate its sale at the highest possible profit margin.

11. Distillation of Oil

For even higher profit potential, you might consider letting your oil ride to the distillation stage, which opens up a wider possibility for manufacturer use cases.

12. Isolation of Oil

And similarly, the Isolation stage. Regardless of what you decide, the GRENex platform will make it happen in a way that’s profitable for you.

13. Formulation Process

The last stage of the GRENex paltform is the Formulation process, wherein the raw product is modified for a vairety of end-uses.

You’re In Good Hands.


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